“There is more in us than we know. Perhaps if we are made to see it, for the rest of our lives we will not settle for less.”

– Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound

Since 2001, Tapestry Charter School has provided an innovative educational experience in Buffalo, New York. Tapestry provides a challenging and rigorous public education for students K-12, an environment that emphasizes diversity, compassion, collaboration, community, creativity and leadership. Students are academically and socially prepared to meet the demands of further education, while maturing into productive and caring adults with a lifelong passion for learning.

Put simply, Tapestry Charter School is a vibrant community of learners and leaders. Students and teachers alike enjoy the freedom to pursue excellence through meaningful, active learning. Engagement inspires success.

Historically, a traditional ‘tapestry’ is a pictorial cloth; carefully woven for both form and function, its individual threads combined to create a unique work of art that was most often displayed to add warmth to the surroundings.