Program Overview

Tapestry Middle School provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to New York State standards and prepares students for success in high school. In addition to their core academic classes, middle students explore the arts, study a foreign language and participate in crew daily. Students also have the ability to take accelerated course work so that they can complete two high school Regents courses while still in middle school.

Core Curriculum

Tapestry Charter Middle School offers core curriculum that is based on New York State Common Core standards and prepares students for success on New York State Regents exams. Tapestry has a variety of programs to meet all of our students’ needs, including enrichment and accelerated course offerings like Algebra and Earth Science offered in 8th grade. Tapestry is an Expeditionary Learning school that incorporates field work and service learning into rigorous, engaging units of study.

Art & Arts Integration


Tapestry Charter School values all students as artists and empowers them within   an environment that inspires self discovery, builds community, embraces diverse perspectives, and celebrates artistic vision.


The Middle School Arts Program is built on the exploration of Music, Performance Art, and Visual Art, to develop skills, creativity, and self discovery in each art form while creating pathways for all students to experience the intersection of the arts and learning.

The Middle School Arts Program has two main strands of instruction; arts for art’s sake and arts connections to expeditionary learning. This approach to arts instruction and learning prepares students for further participation in the arts and serves as a bridge between the lower school and high school arts programs.

Learn more about the arts and Tapestry Middle School.

Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning is an educational model that challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities. This results in higher achievement and greater engagement in school. EL Education schools give students the academic and character-building skills they need to reach their potential as learners and leaders. Structures that are unique to expeditionary learning include expeditions, crew, intensives and student led conferences.

Special Education & ELL

Students who are deemed eligible and classified with a disability affecting their educational progress by the Committee on Special Education, or through Section 504 by the building based level team, will be provided support as indicated on their Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan.  As with our English Language Learners, the laws and regulations governing the provision of educational services will be followed with precision. Certified Teachers will oversee IEP implementation for special education students, and accommodate the individual learning needs of all students. General education teachers work as active team members in the service of each student’s needs in classrooms. With appropriate program modifications/accommodations and/or services, students will be expected to achieve their goals and earn a diploma in accordance with NYS Education Department regulations.

If you suspect your child may have a disability that is impeding his/her ability academically and/or social/emotionally, you may reach out directly to our Director of Special Education & 504 Coordinator, Dr. Mariah Kramer at kramerm@tapestryschool.org.

College & Career Readiness

In the middle school, college and career readiness starts with a strong academic program and college-bound curriculum with high expectations for all students. Tapestry Charter School fosters a school-wide college-bound culture by allowing students to explore and develop their academic interests, and develop the habits of scholarship that they will need to navigate the academic and social demands of college.