TCS Weekly COVID-19 Testing Update

While we remain in the Orange Zone designation under the New York State Micro-Cluster Strategy, we are required to conduct random COVID-19 monthly testing of 20% of staff and students who have supplied consent and who are in attendance in our buildings for in-person instruction under the Hybrid Model.

We will continue our random testing in January 2021 and results from the district testing will be updated on our website here, on a weekly basis each Friday, providing the total number of tests conducted that week at each building and the number of positive tests.

Week Ending

Grades K-4

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12



35 tests/0 positive

13 tests/0 positive

25 tests/ 0 positive

73 tests/ 0 positive


27 tests/ 1 positive

13 tests/ 0 positive

8 tests/ 0 positive

48 tests/ 1 positive


35 tests/1 positive

26 tests/3 positive

5 tests/0 positive

66 tests/4 positive

You can also review Tapestry’s COVID-19 Data on the NYS Schools Dashboard, here.