Teachers make the dream of success a reality in the lives of Tapestry kids.

  • Participate actively in on–going professional development that pushes their thinking about individual and school wide practices.
  • Participate as active members of a collaborative grade-level team, working with other subject area teachers to create a nurturing community for students.
  • Serve in multiple roles on collaborative teams, recognizing that a teacher’s responsibility is not just contained within the classroom walls.
  • Take initiative to do whatever it takes to help students learn.
  • Actively build relationships with families from communities across the City of Buffalo and make them feel welcome in our school community.
  • Differentiate learning in order to help all students feel appropriately supported and challenged.
  • See themselves as being responsible for building literacy and numeracy skills in all students regardless of their subject area.
  • Integrate the arts into lessons using works of art and artistic mediums.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of assessment FOR learning and assessment OF learning and the value of each practice to instruction.