Dr. Mariah KramerDirector of Student Services

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the students, parents, and educators who make Tapestry a place of excellence. With a strong background in special education and a passion for fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment, I bring over a decade of experience to my role. My journey has encompassed 13 years as a teacher, during which I have had the privilege of teaching diverse learners and gaining a deep understanding of their unique needs and potential.

Furthermore, my administrative journey spanning a decade has provided me with a comprehensive perspective on the intricacies of managing and improving special education programs. My previous experience as a Special Education Director and an ENL Director has allowed me to collaborate closely with families, teachers, and staff to develop strategies that empower each student to achieve their personal best.

I firmly believe that collaboration and open communication are the cornerstones of a successful educational environment. As such, I am dedicated to working closely with each of you to ensure that our special education and student services programs align with the evolving needs of our students. Together, we will continue to cultivate an atmosphere where every student can flourish and reach their full potential.